Why is the use of the Buddha head in Louis Vuitton Art Exhibition inappropriate?

Why is the use of the Buddha head in Louis Vuitton Art Exhibition inappropriate?

Although Zhang Huan has a good intention to use his Buddhist art collection to display the decline of Buddhism, placing Buddha images or Buddhist symbols in a public area crowded with people is considered inappropriate. Buddhist symbols must be placed on a high place or in proper places to honor his divine virtue. There are flaws about the exhibition as follows.

1-He places the Buddha head on the exhibition floor, at a ground level with visitors passing by. This is considered a very disrespectful action. Although the Buddha head is built for the art exhibition, it is still the Buddha image which reminds us of the Buddha himself. Therefore, the Buddha head should be placed on a high place instead.

2-There is no fence around the area to keep the distance between the visitors and the Buddha head. This should be done to prevent any improper actions toward the Buddha head.

3-There is no sign that helps explain the objective of the installation of the Buddha head. This makes the Buddha head looks like just a piece of art and serves for a sole purpose of guest attraction.

4-In early 2015, KBO used to send a letter to request them to properly use any Buddhist symbols along with the reasons we provide above. However, since then, they have not solved this matter yet. They ignore and do not care what is right or wrong. 

Below is the letter that we sent to the Chinese artist on 27th April 2015 to explain and ask him to correct his action.

Dear Lauryn,

I'm on behalf of Knowing Buddha Organization, we work to protect Buddhism and Buddha's symbols.
Thank you for your explanation, we appreciate that you pay respect to the Lord Buddha too.
What you have to be careful when you have exhibition about Buddha Statue are as follows :


1. Explain clear objectives on your website, facebook and right in front of your artworks.
2. Guide the visitor to be careful and pay respect to all Buddha statues even the ruin one.
3. Tell the visitor to take picture with respect do not play with the statue.
4. It's better to put the fence or the barrier around your artwork.


As you can see the inappropriate acts from the pictures I'm attaching.
We think our suggestion will help you improve your arrangement. Please visit our website


Best Regards,

Is this kind of art appropriate? Please help us speak out to the world.
Your voice can change and create good awareness to the world.
You may join our campaign and sign your name to petition on this case at:

Knowing Buddha Organization
For Buddhism Protection
8 June 2016