Why does mistreating Buddha images bring bad results?

It is very sad to see Buddhists refuse to believe that treating Buddha images and other Buddhist symbols as merchandise or using them for commercial purpose instead of placing them on the high altar to pay utmost respect to is considered a disrespectful action. Moreover, they do not realize that bad things happening to them come from what reason….but they still continue to do the same thing from generation to generation.


There is a hotel located in the business district of Bangkok that once boomed and crowded with people who came to buy and sell Buddha images and Buddhist symbols. Now, this hotel has to face a period of stagnation. Many shops that once rented hotel spaces to operate antique shops gradually go out of business. Besides, most of hotel rooms are left empty, not fully reserved by tour groups as before. The shop rental fee drops by half. Despite of serious situation, they think that the reason behind all these is from the economic recession and political turmoil, not the “karma” from the disrespectful actions toward the Buddha.


There was a souvenir seller who once generated a lot of money through selling Buddhist symbols for decoration. However, due to many obstacles and problems in his life, he had to bear high cost of living. Not long after that, the main source of his income from the sales of Buddhist symbols suffered a heavy loss, from over a hundred thousand Bath a day to a red number in the account. At last, he had to terminate the contract and return the shop to the hotel. Nevertheless, this seller still searches for new places to do the same business.


“When a fool commits wicked deeds,
He does not know their future fruit.
The witless one is tormented by his own deeds
As if being burnt by fire”.


It is as in the Buddha quote. Those who suffer from the result of their wicked deeds usually do not see them doing wrong.


I have read the conduct towards the Buddha of the monk who has practiced well and I feel that Dhamma giving is extremely valuable. It should be widely propagated, especially to those who understand wrongly or who are unaware of their actions in order to remind them regarding how to act properly towards the Buddha.


Therefore, I would like to leave this issue for your consideration.


9 January 2016
Knowing Buddha Organization