Why do I respect Buddha?

Why do I respect Buddha?
By Pattadon Sangduen


"For those who have earn it, respect is to be paid."


I am a better person because of Buddha and his teachings. 


Before I was a lay person, I did not care much about the world or other people. I thought that surviving and being successful is enough to live in this world. Being above what the society has standardized is efficient. Once I studied Buddha's teaching, I was astound and very much eager to learn. That is when I found the way to practice Vipassana Meditation. Then the world turned upside down. I realized that to really understand Buddha's teaching is to purify our mind by practicing not by trying to comprehend his words. 


I found things that I used to put main important faded such as entertainment, ambition, greed and deceiving. Conscience and consciousness took place. I was in deed awaken to see the world as it is, through and through. I realized what is really important of being a human that is to find the enlightenment of Buddha and end our circle of misery, the circle of rebirth. Now, I understand more about myself and the world around me. I have come to causality and admit everything that happens. Certainly, I am a better person because of Buddha, because of his teachings.


Buddha has given up his luxurious life as a prince to finding the enlightenment. In finding the path is not easy and comfortable, he had suffered and pained but most of all he did it for everyone but himself. His devotion and sacrifice regardless of himself is his pure love. His love that is full of compassion and unlimited defines why we should respect Buddha. 

26 December 2015
Knowing Buddha Organization

Photo Credit: Pathomkrit Navapraditkul