A voice from France, Paris

"I apologize..."

Ms. Morgane Benkaid, a French woman from Paris, France gave a video interview after watching “Spiritual Life” video. She said that she understands how great Buddha is and knows about disrespectful acts toward Buddha that spread widely among many countries over the world. And Paris is one of them. When she knows about “Buddha Bar” in her city, she feels sorry for French people and apologizes for it and all the ignorance.

She also apologizes for her misunderstanding that Buddha’s statue can be a decoration.

“…But now I understand that how it offend you and your culture. We wouldn’t do it to Jesus Christ. We wouldn’t do it to Muhammad. People will start getting very offended. And we’re doing it with Buddha, so it’s very wrong, and I apologize for it…”

Ms. Mogane told us that she will teach what she has learned from our exhibition to everyone she knows.

“…It’s a beautiful exhibition. And thank you for enlightening us…”

She finally left the message to French people and also gave apology in French. After the interview, the team said thank you for all Buddhists and Thailand. We appreciated her grateful feelings and sincere apology. “THANK YOU SO MUCH”.

She promises that she will go to Buddha Bar and tell them to do the right thing towards Buddha’s symbol. She will always support Knowing Buddha Organization and wish we good luck and courage...

Knowing Buddha Organization
26 February 2016