“The Historic Signing Ceremony of Buddhism”

The Historic Signing Ceremony of Buddhism.


The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between the National Office of Buddhism and Knowing Buddha Organization was held on 28th April. The agreement concerns about protecting and preventing disrespectful acts towards Buddhist symbols as well as providing guidance to treat the symbols properly. In the event, Mr. Panom Sornsilp, the director of the National Buddhism Office is pleased and thankful to Master Acharavadee Wongsakon, the President of Knowing Buddha Organization, for protecting Buddhism and shortly asking for cooperation with United Nation (UN).


It was a historic signing agreement on protecting Buddhism between government and private sectors. Master Acharavadee Wongsakon had briefly described the history and the past works of Knowing Buddha Organization. The President also added that the main problem of the weakness of Buddhism doesn’t cause from non-Buddhist but the Buddhists themselves. To solve the problem, we have to encourage Buddhists to have strong mind by strictly holding the five precepts which brings about gratitude and courage to protect Buddhism and Buddha honour.


Besides, Mr. Panom said he had agreed with Master Acharavadee’s speech at Knowing Buddha march on February, “Don’t ask them whether it is wrong to do this but ask them that if it is other religious founders, will they still do this?”


It was such a successful movement of Knowing Buddha Organization, leading by Master Acharavadee working with a great effort with Vipassana meditators. We hope that this agreement will effectively help solve the disrespectful acts towards Buddha in many countries all over world and bring about the long lasting 5000 years of Buddhism.

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