“Premium Quality Buddha Postcards”

11 Preimum Buddha Postcards in Grand Louvre quality


From more than 200 photos taken by the professional photographer team of 5000s magazine, Master Acharavadee has throughly looked at all the photos and selected only 11 photos, which are the most of the most, to make postcards. All the postcards are printed on premium paper with the same quality as postcard paper of The Grand Louvre, an important museum in France.


These pictures could be downloaded for free. But not for commercial use and FOR RESPECT PURPOSE ONLY.


Intentionally using art as media to giving the knowledge of how to treat Buddha properly, we print the back of the postcards with Buddha teachings, the logo of Knowing Buddha Organization, and these following sentences:


Buddha is Buddhist Father.
Buddha is for respecting, not for decoration.


The well-selected 11 photos will be made into 12.7 * 17.7cm postcards with the name of the photographer and the place. These postcards will be beautifully displayed on an elegant stand.


Master Acharavadee kindly revealed that all the selected photos are categorized into three themes as follows:


First, it is the art-inspiring theme which shows the art of the statue of Buddha.
Second, it is the idea-inspiring theme which expresses peace and respect.
Third, it is the landscape-inspiring theme which describes the word “Buddha Land” in our country.


All the photos will be first revealed to the public in Makha Bucha event arranged by Knowing Buddha Organization from February 20th to 28th, 2016. The event will be arranged at the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, or Wat Pho, from 8 am to 6:30 pm.


Through the postcards, it is the first time using art to connect foreigners with the understanding of what Buddhists are and what Buddhists respect. Knowing Buddha Organization will print 4,000 postcards at first and will do more on demand.


Knowing Buddha Organization is looking for anyone who wants to volunteer to help run this Makha Bucha event. Those who are fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian, or other languages please feel free to contact Mr. Pawat by email: or by Line ID: SONGTECHO.


Get together to create history on Feb 20, 2016! Knowing Buddha Organization will march through Kaosan Road in a campaign for protecting Buddha. The march will be full with Buddhists and translators to sending the messages and the images of the campaign to people all over the world. We hope to arouse the interest in protecting Buddhist and stop all kinds of disrespect to Buddha.


It is our utmost honor that Master Acharavadee will join this march. This is a golden opportunity for you to stay side by side with Master Acharavadee, the president of Knowing Buddha Organization.


Get together at 5 p.m. at the beginning of Kaosan Soi 4, Khok Wua Intersection. 


Please dress yourself in a v-neck 5000s t-shirt or polo 5000s shirt, cream pants, and black shoes. Wearing jeans and flip flops is not allowed.

Postcard-collection Makabucha1
Postcard-collection Makabucha1

Postcard-collection Makabucha2
Postcard-collection Makabucha2

Postcard-collection Makabucha11
Postcard-collection Makabucha11

Postcard-collection Makabucha1
Postcard-collection Makabucha1