KBO Accomplisments 2016

Knowing Buddha Organization and Accomplishments in protecting the Buddha Religion and the Teachings of Techo Vipassana Meditation 2559
Throughout the past year of 2559, Master Achravadee Wongsakon, Vipassana Meditation Master and the Founder of Knowing Buddha Organization, together with disciples and volunteers whom are filled with gratitude, dedicated both body and heart in protecting and restoring Buddha religion and the teachings of Techo Vippassana meditation.
There are many accomplishment achieved in this past year, such as the major walking campaign in Khaosan road, and other minor campaigns such as exhibition booth in Wat Po. Also, the exhibition in Central world that reached out to groups of people effectively. The signing of MOU with the National office of Buddhism. The production of two short film that touched the souls and was greatly praised by the viewers. The production of the special edition magazine named "Always in Our Heart" to honor the King Rama 9, and the demand is still growing strong till today.
For outdoor media, we have installed Mega billboards on the way to and out of the international airport Suvarnabhumi. It have reached to the eyes of millions. We have also installed billboards in both Chiangmai and Phuket airport to raise awareness to foreigners to respect individuals that should be respected.
In the past year, our team that teaches Dharma was invited to more than 10 high schools. This team was created to teach young people to grow up into adults with the realization of the importance of precept and become the future of Nation, filled with responsibility and ethics. We have taught more than 3000 people, which does not include Vipassana course and Anapanasadhi course that was taught by Master Achravadee Wongsakon.
All of the past accomplishments would not have happened at all if without the strong, dedicated, and visionary leader and the dedicated team, who are all Vipassana secular but have devoted one part of their life to support and create benefit to the society, the society of the world which has continuously become less conscious about ethics, and to return them the good consciousness. 
Weak Dharma would not have the power to create changes on this level, but the power from each individual practicing Vipassana meditation devotedly, therefore allows us to have the power to accomplish this effectively, in the meantime other practitioners only concerned about their own-self  and send their consciousness to hell and heaven. We do not care about these, as in the time that Buddhism need restoration, we must accumulate all power to restore the religion so that Buddhism will continue on to the next generation.


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