5000s.org is a platform to petition campaigns to stop the disrespectful acts toward the Buddha.


"Respect is common sense." 


We not only protect the Buddha, but we protect the morality of mankind.


Respect is basic morality.

Awakening Basic Morality

from Bangkok, THAILAND


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Awakening Basic Morality from Bangkok, THAILAND 
- Mega billboards from Knowing Buddha

Megabillboards found from both arrival and departure side on the way to and from Suvanabhumi airport stand tall to renounce the mistreat of Buddha's symbol to the world.Knowing Buddha Foundation (KBO) received great support from Master Acharavadee's Wongsakon's supporters. As they can't be stilled to see Buddha mistreated as decoration either for home, toilet, carpet or in garden. As well as being tattooed on a person feet. This disrespectful act toward Buddha symbol are truly heart broken to all Buddhist. It's time to the world to realise that Buddha is Buddhist Father and treat his symbol with respect.
From this campaign, we see the gradually ceasing from major sellers such as JJ Market and Chiang Mai. Tourist in Thailand received the right knowledge how to treat Buddha Symbol with proper respect but other part of the world still millions of disrespectful act out there.

For those who admire Buddha symbol has to treat with respect such place symbol such painting or statue up above the waist level and must not use as tattoo or merchandise. Buddhist has Buddha's symbol to pay utmost respect and to remind of his teaching not to entertain themselves as decoration items as the world do to this symbol today.

Once the Founder of the KBO said

"You may not have to ask who Buddha is but do ask if Buddha is other religions' prophets, will they treat his image like this?"

Buddha is Buddhist Father.

Respect is common sense.

Please help us "STOP DISRESPECTING BUDDHA" thank you.


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Knowing Buddha Organization was invited to provide a moral lecture to over 400 high school students at Nawaminthrachinuthit Bodindecha School with a coordination of school alumni, Mr. Chanin and Mrs.Korrawee Laojirakorn on August 27, under the topic “Precepts, meditation and wisdom: Keys to a prosperous and successful life.”

On Saturday 10, over 300 volunteers of Knowing Buddha Organization (KBO) joined a walk campaign to stop disrespecting Buddha images and symbols at Chatuchak market. Divided into 3 parts, which is a small exhibition, a store visit and a walk, the campaign aims to educate store owners and tourists about the dos and don’ts on Buddha images and request to help protect Buddha symbols from being disrespected

Knowing Buddha Organization receives an honor and great opportunity to provide Dhamma talk at Chulalongkorn University Demonstration Secondary School on an occasion of the school’s 60th anniversary. Many teachers, school officers and students have attended the talk in the topic “Precepts, meditation and wisdom: Keys to a prosperous and successful life.”

Knowing Buddha Organization has the opportunity to give Dhamma talk to second-year to fourth-year students at Bangkok University, one of the popular university in Thailand.

Asalha Puja commemorates the day when the Lord Buddha gave the first sermon called "Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta" - The Buddha's first discourse. It is the first time the Dhamma wheel started to turn in motion. And more than that it is the first time the 3 cores of Buddhism are completely fullfilled, Buddha, Dhamma and Sankha.

It first time displays in Chinese language. And it will be presented here for the whole one month from now(22 July-22 August 18). You're welcome to explore our presentation of the core of Buddha's teachings, VDO room which gives basic mind training guideline as well as the information how the world disrespect Buddha including to learn how to properly treat the symbols.

Open time 9:00-18:00

Your voice can bring The Right Understanding

June 20, 2018

Another Buddhist Voice for a good example in telling the right things brought the right understanding, by Miss Atthama Cheewanichapan, who devotes her time to protect Buddhism and also giving the right opinion on how to behave towards the Buddha statues and Buddhist symbols with respect.

KBO Accomplishments 2016

March 05, 2017

Knowing Buddha Organization and Accomplishments in protecting the Buddha Religion and the Teachings of Techo Vipassana Meditation 2559
Throughout the past year of 2559, Master Achravadee Wongsakon, Vipassana Meditation Master and the Founder of Knowing Buddha Organization, together with disciples and volunteers whom are filled with gratitude, dedicated both body and heart in protecting and restoring Buddha religion and the teachings of Techo Vippassana meditation.

Why is the use of the Buddha head in Louis Vuitton Art Exhibition inappropriate?

June 07, 2016

Although Zhang Huan has a good intention to use his Buddhist art collection to display the decline of Buddhism, placing Buddha images or Buddhist symbols in a public area crowded with people is considered inappropriate. Buddhist symbols must be placed on a high place or in proper places to honor his divine virtue.


There are flaws about the exhibition as follows.

World Visakha Bucha Exhibition

May 17, 2016

On the occasion of Visakha Bucha Day, Knowing Buddha Organization would like to invite everyone to visit “Spiritual Life Exhibition”. The exhibition will be held for 9 days at Wat Pho during 20th to 28th May 2016 from 08.30 to 18.00.


The key highlights of the exhibition are as follows.

The Historic Signing Ceremony of Buddhism

April 27, 2016

The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between the National Office of Buddhism and Knowing Buddha Organization was held on 28th April.


The agreement concerns about protecting and preventing disrespectful acts towards Buddhist symbols as well as providing guidance to treat the symbols properly.

A voice from France, Paris - "I apologize..."

February 25, 2016

Ms. Morgane Benkaid, a French woman from Paris, France gave a video interview after watching “Spiritual Life” video. She said that she understands how great Buddha is and knows about disrespectful acts toward Buddha that spread widely among many countries over the world. And Paris is one of them. When she knows about “Buddha Bar” in her city, she feels sorry for French people and apologizes for it and all the ignorance.

Disrespectful Buddha postcards written for sending out

February 23, 2016

One of the popular part of "Spiritual Life" exhibition  is helping us to protect Buddhism by writing postcards to speak out with your own voice to the disrespectful businesses around the world.

Join us in Walking Campaign

February 14, 2020

On Feb 20, 2016 it is an opportunity for you all the Buddhists to express your gratitude to Buddha. Let's get together in a big campaign of the year “ DHAMMA WITH GRATITUDE” to stop disrespecting Buddha. The march will start at 5 p.m. on Kao San road in front of the Burger King shop.

Modern Era Buddhist Exhibition is rising at WAT PHO

February 14, 2016

Knowing Buddha Organization (KBO) is hosting Spiritual Life Exhibition on February 20-28, 2016 between 8 AM to 6.30 PM at Wat Pho (The Temple of the Reclining Buddha), or Wat Phra Chetuphon Vimonmangklaram Rajwaramahaviharn.


For the first time at one of the most visited and most recoginized monastery of Thailand, the orginazation was specially granted permissions to host this Modern Era Buddhist Exhibition to deliver our message on proper treatments to Buddha images and symbols.

Premium Quality Buddha Postcards

February 08, 2016

Well-selected 11 photos are printed on premium paper with the same quality as postcard paper of The Grand Louvre, an important museum in France.
Intentionally using art as media to giving the knowledge of how to treat Buddha properly, we print the back of the postcards with Buddha teachings and these following sentences:
Buddha is Buddhist Father.
Buddha is for respecting ,not for decoration.

Why does mistreating Buddha images bring bad results?

January 08, 2016

It is very sad to see Buddhists refuse to believe that treating Buddha images and other Buddhist symbols as merchandise or using them for commercial purpose instead of placing them on the high altar to pay utmost respect to is considered a disrespectful action.

Why do I respect Buddha?

December 25, 2015

By Pattadon Sangduen


"For those who have earn it, respect is to be paid."


I am a better person because of Buddha and his teachings. 

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