CSR at Nawaminthrachinuthit Bodindecha School

Knowing Buddha Organization was invited to provide a moral lecture to over 400 high school students at Nawaminthrachinuthit Bodindecha School with a coordination of school alumni, Mr. Chanin and Mrs.Korrawee Laojirakorn on August 27, under the topic “Precepts, meditation and wisdom: Keys to a prosperous and successful life.” ..


After an introduction to the organization, the first session of lecture started with an explanation about the Five Precepts (refraining from killing or harming living things, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying or gossip and taking intoxicating substances.) Having worked in an entertainment industry for years, Mr. Ariyatouch Den-udom, the first lecturer, told the students of what he has seen, a cycle of superstar, from a nobody stepping to be on the spotlight and then be an infamous one at last. This is a solid example of impermanence. He added that Dhamma is about nature and energy. When we act goodly or badly to someone, we will received goodness and badness in return. Thus, holding the Precepts can prevent us from receiving bad consequences. ...


The second lecturer, Mrs. Nalin Rungnapaprai, also emphasized that Karma or action can be compared to throwing a ball against the wall. The ball, as a bad or good thing, naturally bounces back. As explained by the first lecturer that the Precepts is a way to stop bad Karma, she gave students a knowledge on how to cultivate good deeds through the Ten Meritorious Acts, for instance, offering alms, forgiving, respecting others, doing volunteer works and paying gratitude to parents, and teachers as well as meditating. Students and teachers also have a chance to practice basic meditation for a short period before watching a video about disrespecting Buddha images and symbols that has happened over the world these days.


Another volunteer, Mrs. Benjapat Wongpaibool presented about our works to stop these wrong and misunderstanding acts. To their surprise, students were interested to the video of as they haven’t known about this before. They also listened to a real successful case to stop inappropriate acts by giving right understandings to the doer from Ms. Atthama, one of KBO’s volunteer. ..


Knowing Buddha Organization 21 November 2018