Dhamma talk at Chulalongkorn University Demonstration Secondary School

Knowing Buddha Organization receives an honor and great opportunity to provide Dhamma talk at Chulalongkorn University Demonstration Secondary School on an occasion of the school’s 60th anniversary. Many teachers, school officers and students have attended the talk in the topic “Precepts, meditation and wisdom: Keys to a prosperous and successful life.”


The first session is about bad outcomes of breaking the Five Precepts (refraining from killing or harming living things, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying or gossip and taking intoxicating substances.) The consequence of killing will cause sickness and pain. Moreover, copying friend’s homework or test are considered breaking the second precept because it means stealing others’ idea and opportunity. The bad reaction or Karma from doing so will make a person loses a chance in something as well. For the third precept, sexual misconduct, attendants have watched a video about an adulterer and the consequence he has to face with. The fourth precept is the one that a person can break easily and quickly especially posting comments on social media or sharing fake news. For the last one, drinking alcohol can affect mindfulness and consciousness as well as an intellectual ability. As holding precepts is a way to stop bad Karma,


The second session is an explanation about the Ten Meritorious Acts which is a way to cultivate good deeds, such as offering alms without expecting a result in return, respecting others, doing volunteer works and paying gratitude towards parents, teachers, and the country. Students and teachers also have a chance to practice basic meditation for a short period before watching a video about disrespecting Buddha images and symbols that has happened over the world these days.


The organization also presents about our works to stop these wrong and misunderstanding acts as well as successful cases that the owner had stopped doing the act after receiving an explanation and request from our organization. Seeds of goodness and morality are already planted and waiting the time to grow for the sake of themselves, society and also the country.


Knowing Buddha Organization

17 October 2018