Dhamma Talk at Bangkok University

Knowing Buddha Organization has the opportunity to give Dhamma talk to second-year to fourth-year students at Bangkok University, one of the popular university in Thailand.
After the introduction of the organization and its objective, the talk begins with the clear explanation of the Five Precepts which are the basis of our life and the benefits of holding the precepts. The second part is about ten meritorious actions which will lead our life prosperous and successful. After that, the team presents the Spiritual life and mind training VDO as well as the activities of the organization. The students also have a chance to learn and try meditation practice for a while.
For the last session, the team displays many disrespectful acts towards Buddha symbols and images which have happened around the world these days. Students also listen to the real case from one of the KBO team and her attempt to inform the right understanding and successfully stop this act. 
One of the feedback from the students is,

“I’ve never realized about the Five Precepts and the merit making or even the consequences from bad deeds. But after I listened to this talk, I already know that these are important things for our life. They made us live a quality life and behave in the right way as a Buddhist should do.”

Knowing Buddha Organization
3 October 2018

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