Your voice can bring The Right Understanding


Another Buddhist Voice for a good example in telling the right things brought the right understanding, by Miss Atthama Cheewanichapan, who devotes her time to protect Buddhism and also giving the right opinion on how to behave towards the Buddha statues and Buddhist symbols with respect.

Recently, she provided information to the Japanese house owner about not using the Buddha head for decoration. She used the opportunity of being a client to explain to the owner of the house about the reason why we should not use Buddha Statues and symbols for decoration or furniture. Finally he understood and corrected right away as the message he sent below:

"Now we understand why we can’t use Buddha for just interiors or decorations. And of course we’ve removed Buddha head and also pictures. We appreciate very much for your advice. "

Words from Miss Atthama:
"I was planning to visit Japan so I searched for the place to stay from AirBNB application. I accidently found the Buddha head Statue at this house which put inappropriately on the shoes cabinet. I then decided to book this house because I might have chance to talk to the owner to correct it.

When I arrived Japan, after having stayed for a while I had a chance to talk to the owner of the house. At first he was silent but then he responded by showing an apology and saying that he had corrected it. I felt very happy. Thanks to the Buddha watch team who support me English and Japanese information.

At first, I thought that I shall not stay there because I don’t want to support those who use Buddha Images inappropriate way. But then I got an idea that I can use this chance as his customer to advise him about this. This is such a good opportunity to open mind his mind."

Therefore, Buddhist shall not be silent. If you see what is not correct, we should help giving the right understanding. To protect and show our respect toward Lord Buddha, our Father religion.

Knowing Buddha Organization would like to thank you Miss Atthama for such a good role model for Buddhism.

Knowing Buddha Ogranization
For Buddhism Protection
21 June 2018