Asalha Puja

Setting the Dhamma wheel into motion

Asalha Puja commemorates the day when the Lord Buddha gave the first sermon called "Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta" - The Buddha's first discourse. It is the first time the Dhamma wheel started to turn in motion. And more than that it is the first time the 3 cores of Buddhism are completely fullfilled, Buddha, Dhamma and Sankha.

Once he delivered this sermon, one of the five ascetics who was listening to this sermon became enlightened (Sotāpanna: The first stream of enlightenment). He could understand that his suffering was due to his attachment to living things. Once he accepted the truth about death, the truth of dissolution and of impermanence, he got rid of his desire for things to be permanent. When there is no desire for things to be permanent, there is no suffering.

Knowing Buddha would like to pay our utmost respect to the Buddha, for his great compassion and kindness to lift all beings from misery and for the path to reach enlightenment. Let us pay homage to the Buddha on this special occasion, by purifying the mind with meditation, holding firm the 5 precepts and dedicating this good deed to pay gratitude to the Buddha.

Knowing Buddha Organization
For Buddhism Protection
27 July 2018