A Walk Campaign to Stop Disrespecting Buddha at Chatuchak Market

On Saturday 10, over 300 volunteers of Knowing Buddha Organization (KBO) joined a walk campaign to stop disrespecting Buddha images and symbols at Chatuchak market. Divided into 3 parts, which is a small exhibition, a store visit and a walk, the campaign aims to educate store owners and tourists about the dos and don’ts on Buddha images and request to help protect Buddha symbols from being disrespected. ..


The activity started at 9AM at the exhibition booth where visitors can learn correct knowledge on proper treatment towards Buddha images and symbols, with an additional explanation in 4 languages—English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish—from volunteer staffs. ..


At the same time, there was a minor walk in Chatuchak Plaza area to provide the right understanding to shop owners by giving brochures, postcards and books. Most of them willingly support us as they have received knowledge from the continuous campaign of the organization since the first time in 2012. Some stores that used to sell improper products related to Buddha symbols have now changed their type of goods. The owner of the transportation business informed that he also denied to transport disrespectful products. This part of activity is like a visit to talk with business owners and appreciate the change in a better way that is obviously seen. Some retailers informed and asked the organization to educate manufacturers who are mostly villagers in upcountry as well. Despite disagreement of some store owners, the activity had been carried on with patience, compassion and dedication of all staffs. ..


The main walk campaign in the afternoon started from the exhibition booth near the Entrance 1 and took about 30 minutes around Chatuchak market. Together with posters to campaign for not using Buddha images for decoration or commercial purposes, the campaign messages were spoken out in 4 languages throughout the peaceful walk. Some Thai and foreign visitors were taking photos and videos. There was a Chinese tourist who was interested in the campaign yet didn’t understand neither Thai nor English. He tried to ask the staff about the campaign by using translation app in his smartphone. Seeing that the activity is about Buddha, some people also pay respect to his image. ..


The Knowing Buddha Organization would like to express our thanks to Adjunct Ass. Prof. Dr. Siripong Preutthipan, Director of the Land Development Project, State Railway of Thailand, Mr. Chaowalit ‎Pimpoklang, Chief of Market Area Management Office and all staffs of Chatuchak Market Management Office for allowing us to organize this activity in the market area. .. Also, we would like to thank all volunteers for coming out and supporting this event. ..


Knowing Buddha Organization

12 November 2018