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Louis Vuitton's shocking exhibition to Buddhists

How long are we going to let this happen?

Knowing Buddha Organization (KBO) invites you to speak out to protect the Buddha and Buddhism and awaken the morality of mankind.

Reported last Friday (JUN 3) – Louis Vuitton Foundation, operated by the big fashion house Louis Vuitton, showcases a collection of art exhibitions by eleven Chinese artists. In one installation by chinese artist/sculptor Zhang Huan depicts a gigantic eroded inclined carved Buddha head placed on the exhibition floor without any platform, at ground level with visitors freely passing by. Presenting such installation shows great lack of respect and consideration.

KBO President Ms Acharavadee Wongsakon says this is very inappropriate because it is a well understood practice that all religious symbols and related things deserve to be placed or stored in a high place, particularly holy figures which are often put even above the head.

“It’s a known fact anywhere in the world that some symbols deserve respect such as national flags, religious leaders and figures. People are disrespectful to Buddha partly because Buddhists are weak. We don’t stand up for ourselves, allowing them to do whatever they want. The artist’s intention to reflect the downfall of Buddhism in the past Chinese history doesn’t have to be done this way. It shows the lack of consideration and misleads people to think it’s ok,”

KBO President says, adding she would like to ask all artists to think of the feelings of others when it comes to a religious artwork.

Master Acharavadee said the organization is sending the Fondation president Bernard Arnault to thoroughly review its decision and remove the sculpture from the exhibition. It has also sent a petition letter to the Thai Embassy in Paris and the Louis Vuitton office in Bangkok, calling for a removal of the piece.

“I’m also asking all Buddhists who are fans of this brand to think whether to continue supporting this company if it refuses to do so. You should have a clear stand on this.

Art cannot be above conscience and should be based on respect. Otherwise, it will only be an excuse to satisfy your own wants,” she said.

Letters are sent to the Thai Embassy in Paris, Bernard Arnault, the president of the foundation and the managing director of Louis Vuitton, Thailand with CC: letter to Christopher Kilationis, president of Louis Vuitton South Asia,to request an urgent stop to this exhibition piece.

Let us make our voices heard to create the good awareness and around the world and to awaken the common morale that have been lost in mankind.