According to that the producer of the movie “Ar Bat” is attempting to continue the public launch of the movie per original theater cut WITHOUT any adjustment of the movie manuscript base on the reason that the movie is aiming to reflect the truth, to sustain the Buddhism, and to get away with immoral monks;


Knowing Buddha Organization for protecting Buddhism strongly disagrees that for the following reasons:-

WENKO-WENSELAAR, 55 years old Germany store, sells houseware products, namely, rack, basket, shampoo bottle, napkins and many other daily used household accessories.

Once again, we witness the plutocratic power that takes control over the conscience of businessmen in business management.   Today, KBO finds, on its web page, that over 200 Buddha’s heads of various sizes are placed all over the area of a hot pot restaurant named TIEN-SHUI-YUEH HOTPOT in the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The 5 disrespectful cases occurring in the USA and UK, with businesses of spa, hotel, pub & lounge that is a large brewery and confectionery store that uses the Buddha’s name and image with extreme inappropriateness.

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