“Germany Store sale Buddha products.”

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Germany Store sale BUDDHA products


"Respect is common sense"


This phrase may be applicable to some people or some business groups but probably not for WENKO-WENSELAAR, a company from Germany that has been established for over 55 years. This company sells houseware products, namely, rack, basket, shampoo bottle, napkins and many other daily used household accessories.


It is shocked to see that the company uses Buddha image for decoration on their products. The symbols of Lord Buddha are printed on bathroom curtains, wall clocks and sink tap hole covers. And what is even worse is that the symbols are also displayed on carpets and toilet covers.


No other designs can be sold?

Lord Buddha is a great religious founder. Lord Buddha made a great devotion in order to achieve liberation to guide the ways to end all sufferings to all beings.


Why don’t those people pay respect and honor Lord Buddha?

Respect is common sense. There is no need for anyone to remind that.

Let us, as Buddhists, help inform them about their inappropriate acts and that the symbols of Lord Buddha are not for any commercial use.


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