“Shocking 200 Buddha Faces as Decoration”

Large Buddha’s heads at the hot pot restaurant in Taiwan!


Once again, we witness the plutocratic power that takes control over the conscience of businessmen in business management.   Today, KBO finds, on its web page, that over 200 Buddha’s heads of various sizes are placed all over the area of a hot pot restaurant named TIEN-SHUI-YUEH HOTPOT in the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


"I hope for the customers to experience the peace and harmony within according to the principles of Buddhism and Zen while dining."  Zhou Yi, the Taiwanese architect of the place reasoned for his use of the Buddha’s heads.


Why is this happening over and over? People and businessmen these days will try just about anything to make a living and earn as much benefits. Their distorted view and ignorance make them to falsely claim that these objects of worship for Buddhists are merely an artistic work for decoration.


Should we, as decent Buddhists, ignore these despicable acts, pretending as if nothing happens and wait to see more and more disrespectful acts of this kind? Please come join us and make your voice heard, together we can become a power of true spirit in raising conscience awareness of these disturbing businesses, and sending out our message of uneasiness of such disrespectful acts to the Great Buddha around the world.

Coming soon!

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