“FORBIT the public launching of

the movie Ar Bat”

FORBID the public launch of the movie “Ar Bat”


According to that the producer of the movie “Ar Bat” is attempting to continue the public launch of the movie per original theater cut WITHOUT any adjustment of the movie manuscript base on the reason that the movie is aiming to reflect the truth, to sustain the Buddhism, and to get away with immoral monks; Knowing Buddha Organization for protecting Buddhism strongly disagrees that for the following reasons:-

  1. The movie presents story from one side – the degeneration of Buddhism, from the inappropriate behavior of the main actor as a Buddhist novice i.e. misbehave precepts, aggressive, sexual, disrespect for Buddha, Dhamma, and Monks. Due to uneven moral consideration of audience, they will be agitated with the surrealistic performance and may result in bias to entire Buddhism monks. This is rather the “faith destruction” than “problem reflection”.

  2. To build up the faith, the movie should also present the story of good monks with equality of manuscripts for the complete view of truth.

  3. To make all the Buddhists realize and awaken to help protecting Buddhism, there shall be a campaign to rightfully educate about What is Wrong in a creative way WITHOUT any dramatically makeup story which may cause prejudice and disharmony in Thai Buddhism community. Even the term “Ar Bat” (the movie name) is misused with Buddhist novice, instead of monks. The movie producer must be very thoughtful about public consequence; especially nowadays that public media can be influentially viral. The presentation must be careful, justified, and not socially indicative in further getting lost. It is always delicate about presenting any religious matter.


Any action promoting the building of faith for the Buddhism is very virtuous. However, whether this movie will commit a virtue or a sin, apart from making money from the film, whether the social consequences would be the shaking of faith, or the greater degeneration, or the reflection of the truth.


Please use your consideration per what the Buddha has always been telling…!.



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